Breakfasts To Avoid & Try For Health

Fresh fruit stand with boysenberries, raspberries, cherries and grapesMaybe you have already read a million lists about the best and worst foods to eat for breakfast. Hopefully this one sticks with you and you start your day off with the most energizing meal possible. For the best breakfast I like to avoid sugars and seek out slow-acting carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and, as with any meal, vitamins


  1. Bagels – Bagels serve no nutritional value. Even in the carbohydrate department, which is a necessary macronutrient, you are getting useless carbohydrates. The sugars in a bagel spike your blood sugar, then drop it the same as eating a donut would. Even with some healthy fats like peanut butter on the bagel, you are gaining very little nutritional value first thing in the morning with a bagel.
  2. Yogurt & Granola – This is a sugar bomb. With the exception of the plain Greek variety, yogurt has a ton of added sugar. Even when you get vanilla or fruit filled Greek, and you feel like you are doing yourself a favor, you really are not. There is so much added sugar in those yogurts that your body is converting straight to fat. On top of that, granola is pretty much straight sugar. This amount of sugar will again, spike your blood sugar levels, then they will quickly drop leaving you feeling sluggish.
  3. Prepackaged flavored oatmeal – Once again, that sneaky sugar is in here as well. Prepackaged oatmeal (even some of the plain varieties) has tons of added sugar in it – the second ingredient! Once again, you feel like you are adding nutrients to your body by eating the oatmeal, when in reality, you are spiking your blood sugar with a bunch of indigestible sugars. See below to find your best bet for oatmeal.quaker-oats-maple-brown-sugar
  4. Cereal – Are we noticing a theme yet? Cereal has tons of sugar, and even the bland cereals add very little nutritional value to your morning. It is so important to start your morning with tons of nutrients to keep your body functioning at optimal levels.
  5. Muffins – I am sure you have seen this saying before, but muffins are basically cupcakes without the cute hat. Muffins are another sugar laden breakfast food that adds no nutritional value to your morning. You are not getting any vitamins, and you are setting yourself up for spiked blood sugar, followed by a crash.


  1. Bacon and Eggs (bonus for lots of veggies) – I love having whole eggs (not just the whites) so that I can get all of the amazing nutrients the yolk has to offer, such as vitamins A, E, & K, as well as B6 & 12, iron, & zinc, to name a few. I like to scramble those up with lots of veggies, such as broccoli, spinach and mushrooms, which add a TON more vitamins. Top with avocado and a side of bacon, and you have added in fats to make up for the lack of carbohydrates in your breakfast. The proteins and fats will keep you full for hours!3-Eggs
  2. Oatmeal & nut butter (bonus for added berries) – This is another meal that will fill you up! If you get plain oatmeal without all of the sugar (look for the ingredients to simply say “100% rolled oats), you are getting a bunch of healthy, slow-acting, carbohydrates to give yourself energy throughout the day. The nut butter adds healthy fats to keep you full, as well as another energy booster. Add in some fruit (I like to put frozen blueberries or strawberries in it before I pop it in the microwave) for an extra vitamin boost! This is also an incredibly fast breakfast for those mornings when you only have 5 minutes.
  3. Homemade pancakes (1 banana, 1 egg, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1 tbsp nut butter, handful of spinach in food processor) – These are a perfect mix of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. When put in the food processor, you cannot taste the spinach, so you are getting in tons of vitamins. Add some blueberries to these and you are knocking the vitamins out of the park. These also pair well with the bacon and eggs. Further, I like to make a big batch of these and freeze them in sandwich bags with three in each bag. This makes for a super fast breakfast on busy days – only 1:00 in the microwave.
  4. Boiled eggs with oat bran – I love this for any of the plain Janes out there. Sometimes you just want a boring old plain breakfast that’s quick. Here again we have slow-acting carbohydrates that will give you energy for the day, and are great for your digestive system. The eggs have the proteins and fats to keep you feeling full for the day, with a boatload of vitamins!
  5. Plain Greek Yogurt With Heated Blueberries– Here’s the deal: I absolutely love Greek yogurt. It is thick and delicious, but I hate the flavored varieties because of all the added sugar in it. They are as healthy as eating Fun-Dip. Instead, I like to get frozen blueberries and pop them in the microwave for 1:00. When they are warmed up all of the juices from the berries come out and when poured over the yogurt, it flavors the yogurt! This is a perfect breakfast. If I am looking for some extra crunch, I usually
    grab some Lara brand granola because there are so few ingredients. Otherwise, I am not a huge fan of granola due to all of the sugar. This is another SUPER EASY breakfast and it is fast!

I have found that the easiest way to go about eating healthy is to make fruits and vegetables the base of my meals and plan a protein around those fruit and vegetables. Once I have a solid foundation that will energize me, I can add in other food. I am typically full enough off of all the delicious healthy food, that there is not much room for other foods that are not as healthy. Balance is key to living a healthy lifestyle – but is not an excuse to eat junk all of the time. Find food that nourishes you and many times you will lose interest in the food that drags you down and packs on the pounds.

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