Boost Your Metabolism and Prepare

I love running. I do not run because it is the best exercise fat loss (I have a lot of loud opinions on cardio for fat loss). I do not run because it is the best thing for my heart and bones. I run because that is when I think best. I zone out and let my mind wander freely. Running is how I get all of my extra energy out.

Let’s be serious though, sometimes I have 6 miles worth of energy and 30 minutes to get rid of it! During those times, I love sprints intervals. I have the recovery for my running, mind wandering, and the hard sprints for getting out the extra energy. The best part about the sprint intervals is that the body spends the rest of the day recovering, and therefore burning extra calories. After a steady state long run, the body burns calories throughout the runs, but does not require the type of recovery sprint intervals requires.


Today I combine a shorter distance run (3-miles) with sprint intervals on the treadmill (hello 48-hours of rain). This workout only took me 30 minutes, including a warm-up and cool down, which is the same amount of time it would take for a 10 minute mile pace (but with a much higher metabolic boost!). Below is the running interval I did today. Adjust the speeds for your ability and burn some energy!

Mile Speed
0-.1 6.7 (Warm-up)
0.1-0.2 8.0
0.2-0.3 4.3
0.3-0.4 8.0
0.4-0.5 4.3
0.5-0.65 8.0
0.65-0.7 4.3
0.7-0.8 8.5
0.8-0.9 4.3
0.9-1 8.5
1.0-1.10 4.3
1.1-1.2 9.0
1.2-1.3 4.3
1.3-1.4 9.0
1.4-1.5 4.3
1.5-1.65 9.0
1.65-1.7 4.3
1.7-1.8 9.5
1.8-1.9 4.3
1.9-2.0 9.5
2.0-2.1 4.3
2.1-2.25 9.5
2.25-2.3 4.3
2.3-2.4 10.0
2.4-2.5 4.3
2.5-2.6 10.0
2.6-2.7 4.3
2.7-2.8 10.5
2.8-2.9 4.3
2.9-3.0 10.5
3.0-3.15 4.3 (cool down)
 Total = 3.15 Miles  30:00

The rest of the day was spent doing food preparation. Food prep can be overwhelming in the beginning, but it is one of the greatest tools for reaching goals. During the week I have no interest in thinking. I am suddenly hungry out of nowhere and have no interest in doing anything more than grabbing something, warming it up real quick, and chowing down. Therefore, having healthy, prepared options in the fridge is key. Typically I make grab and go food for breakfast and lunch for the week, and each night I make a dinner with leftovers. I typically prepare butternut squash lasagna, banana muffins, frittata, and my new favorite grain/gluten free bagel recipe that I found! Check out these babies:



◦                16-oz. jar creamy almond butter

◦                6 eggs

◦                2 teaspoons baking power

◦                ½ teaspoon salt

◦                ¾ cup warm water


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 325 degrees.
  2. Mix the ingredients in a mixing bowl.
  3. Pour the batter into greased donut pan.
  4. Bake until firm. (In our oven, it took 30 minutes).

Food Prep

These babies store well in the fridge, and toast up deliciously in the toaster! Most fitness forums encourage food prep, and with good reason. The less opportunity you have to talk yourself out of a healthy meal, and the less energy you have to expend daily toward thinking about what you will eat, the better your chances of sticking to your plan.


“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

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