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DSC_0052Are abs the picture of health? No. Do I post pictures of my stomach? Yes. Here’s why: when my husband & I began talking about starting a family I just assumed that my body would always need covering up. It’s not that I had noticeable abs. I hadn’t since I was a sophomore in college. If I didn’t have them pre-baby, there was NO WAY I would be able to have them after baby. That’s what I thought. I followed a few blogs/fitness professionals online and saw that they not only had abs after baby, but they also had a healthy relationship with food. I just assumed that if people had a banging body after carrying a baby, they were probably way too crazy about their nutrition and I just was not up for tracking my calories or any of that. Seeing these people just live life with kids, have a fit body, and have a seemingly healthy relationship with food made me realize that I did not have to give up on my body goals after pregnancy.

I share my pictures and experience in hopes to motivate others. I want to share my experiences, especially the imperfect, because I think it helps people realize that, yes you can reach your body goals after having kids, but also, training isn’t all unicorns and roses. Some days I get interrupted more often than my actual workout. Some days my entire plan changes because I am up all night with my son and need extra sleep, or he is fighting nap and I have to workout at bed time. Some days my body needs extra rest and I listen to it. I HAVE always wanted to have visible abs. That doesn’t have to be your goal. You don’t have to “let yourself go” after having kids though either. If abs are not the picture of fitness, what is?

unnamed-5I think the picture of fitness is someone who has:

1) A healthy relationship with food – They eat enough, but don’t overeat. They mostly focus on the nutrition they are offering their body, not the “bad food” they can’t have. They also don’t obsess over everything going into their mouth. Most of the time they eat for nourishment, but sometimes they decide “I’m going to hit Papa Gino’s and grub!” But they don’t eat until they are sick. There is balance.

2) A healthy relationship with working out – They workout to energize themselves and have functionality. They workout to challenge themselves to something new. They find something they love to do (running, lifting, yoga, etc) and change things up when it is no longer fun for them. They do not workout to punish themselves for something they ate or because their body does not look a certain way.

3) Confidence in themselves. – Take vanity out of the picture (truly, I have to remind myself of this often). Fitness & worth isn’t dependent on what someone else thinks of your fitness. Be confident that you are at the level of fitness you should be at right now. Challenge yourself. You will have awesome training days, horrible training days, and mostly days in between. Do the best you can with where you are on your journey.

unnamed-4My hope in sharing these pictures and my journey is to emulate this picture of fitness and health. I want to help others realize that you don’t need to have a six pack to be fit, but you don’t need to give up on your fitness goals after having kids either!






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