A Day Of Eating + 3 Workouts

This was our first week back in a normal routine. That meant getting to workout on a somewhat normal schedule, and cooking at home. I have made some of my favorites, including breakfast casserole, roasted brussel sprouts, vitamin loaf, mustard chicken, and carrot fries. I even made a meal plan on Sunday, writing down what I planned to eat and what I really ate. I mostly stuck to my plan and my energy is through the roof. Our son is also happy to be in a stable environment. He has been eating us out of house and home again, and is sleeping so much better. My husband has started his classes and we are figuring out a schedule. Being back in a stable environment and comfortably moved in has helped with sleep and being able to give my best effort in my workouts.

unnamedI tell you all this to share a day of what I have eaten back in my stable environment, and a few workouts for you to try. I will put that carrot fries at the bottom of the post because they are super simple and my little guy eats a TON of them!

A Day Of Eating

On Tuesday I rolled out of bed and went for a run. It is hit or miss if I eat before a short run. I would prefer to because honestly, my energy is better for my run when I do. Sometimes I am too impatient to wait for my food to digest though. I did not eat before this run. I did a very slow 3-miles (elevation is no joke!).

Breakfast – ¼ pizza frittata + 2 Zodiak cakes

LunchVitamin Loaf + Brussel Sprouts + Roasted potatoes

Afternoon Snack – Orange + Nonfat plain Greek yogurt with quarter scoop cookies and cream protein powder

DinnerTurkey Burgers + carrot fries + Brussel sprouts

I usually have one more snack in there, but I had breakfast later in the day and did not feel hungry after dinner. I am a big fan of just listening to my body. It is not always that simple, but I consciously focused on listening to my hunger signals for years, and now I don’t have to really think about it anymore. Also, you can see that I am obsessed with brussel sprouts.

This first workout I did on Wednesday night because I had so much built up frustration. Our son spent the whole day crying, from 11:30 AM until 5:30 PM. He took a brief break for about an hour to nap. He wasn’t hungry, no teething, he was just tired and moody. It happens, he’s a kid. It doesn’t make me any less frazzled. Different people deal with frustration in different ways. I have always been someone whose emotions play out physically. When I was younger I would throw things when I was upset, or scream. Obviously, as I got older I found more productive ways to deal with anxiety and frustrations. I tell you all of this to tell you that this workout was so fast and brutal that all the wrecked nerves I had from listening to my son cry for six hours without being able to console him disappeared.

unnamed10 Minute AMRAP

  • 10 burpees over kettlebell
  • 20 kettlebell swings

I did this as a stand-alone workout because I had already worked out Wednesday morning and I don’t usually double up. As I mentioned though, I needed to get rid of my excess energy. I warmed up with 20 kettlbell swings.

This next workout is one of our Fitness With Kristen member workouts. If you have been wondering what kind of workouts we do, now you know and can join this amazing group!

Set a timer for 20 minutes and complete as many rounds as possible. Push hard until you need a break. Rest until you can push again.

  • Push-Ups – 1:00
  • Chest Press/Bridge – 12
  • Step-Ups OR Jumps – 1:00
  • Curl/Press – 12
  • Weighted Squats – 20

The final workout is one of my favorite workouts from my PR Half Marathon Training Plan. It is a hard leg workout, which is necessary for keeping your legs strong to get through race day.

Warm-up: 100 jump rope

Superset 1×3

  • Curtsey Lunge with bar on back – 20
  • Lunge Jumps – 1:00

Superset 2×4

  • Deadlift, 5
  • Jumprope – 100

Superset 3×3

  • Barbell back squats , 15
  • Squat jumps – 1:00

Hip Thrusters with Barbell 10×3

Carrot Fries

unnamed-1Cut carrots up into matchsticks. Toss in bowl with olive oil and garlic salt. Spread on flat baking sheet. Bake on 350. Set timer for 20 minutes. Continue for 5 minutes at a time until carrots are soft like fries.

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