2017 Goals

I am going to be blunt here and just say that this has been a giant middle finger of a year. We have certainly had our ups: Pat getting home safely from deployment, our little man growing and learning so much, and our little rainbow baby to name a few. It has also had its handful of downs. We have had our minor annoyances such as moving into a wasp infested house, which turned into a mouse infested house (such a debacle). We also had our heat go out for 24 hours when it was 21 degrees outside. Annoying but manageable stuff that everyone who lives in a house probably deals with at some point. On the heavier side, we have had very close friends and a family member both dealing with cancer, which has been heartbreaking to watch. Finally, we had our chemical pregnancy, immediately followed by a gut wrenching miscarriage. My Mom always says that everything bad happens in threes, so even though I am not the one who has been sick in most of these situations, it has not been easy to watch and I am looking forward to seven years of good things. That’s what happens when you get your three bad things right?

I share all of this to say, 2016 has truly been a giant middle finger of a year and I am looking forward to saying #byefelicia to 2016 and welcoming 2017 with open arms. I suppose things could always be worse, but I am not really interested in finding out. Instead, I want to look ahead with a positive frame of mind, and set some big goals for 2017 just like I did for 2016. I also wanted to share this because on the internet we can of course construct this perfect image of our life, and I am just so far from perfect it makes me laugh. I want you all to know that I work hard and I go through hardships and I am just this human Mom, Wife, and fitness enthusiast who believes you can be fit and healthy even when circumstances are not perfect.

OK, enough babbling. Here are my goals for 2017. Since I will be pregnancy for 50% of this year, I decreased the amount of goals for the year, but made sure they were quality and that I have a plan to execute them:

  1. Run a half marathon in December. By then I will be 6 months post partum, which will give me three months to fully heal with no running if necessary and 12 weeks to train. My training program is only 10 weeks, so this gives me time to rebuild a base depending on how my recovery goes. I would ideally like to find a race that raises money/awareness for childhood leukemia.
  2. Continue to use weights and stay active throughout my pregnancy. Changing my mindset from fat loss and hitting new personal bests, to maintaining fitness for baby and birth always gives me a little run for my money. My weights will likely decrease by the end of pregnancy, and I will definitely need more breaks, but I want to continue to stay active as long as my pregnancy allows for it.
  3. Launch another successful boot camp once we leave Colorado. I love running boot camp, and love to see how much women’s views of nutrition and fitness changes throughout the course of boot camp. I cannot wait to be able to launch boot camp again and work people in person, in addition to our amazing online program!
  4. Commit to 1 month of a Crossfit class. I will probably wait until I am post partum for this, since I know my competitive nature will take over and I will put myself at risk of injury going too hard during pregnancy. I have been to a few classes, but I want to try 1 month of classes, to learn new movements and work in a different way. I know I will struggle with straying from my own programming
  5. GET SWIMMING LESSONS! This is the year! I really want to try a triathlon at some point in my life, but I tap out at doggy paddling. I want to get some lessons so I can properly swim, not just survive in water. Maybe I can find a Mommy & Me class, where my munchkin can learn at the same time that I get my own lessons.
  6. Go to prenatal yoga. I know getting in some prenatal yoga will be perfect for my aching joints. I want to be more committed to slowing down and doing more accessory work for injury prevention, and I know that yoga will be good for that. If I can find a class to attend once per week, that would be perfect for my schedule and needs.
  7. Focus on consuming nutritious food. Growing a baby and raising a toddler makes the temptation to eat quick, easy, junk food enticing. I know it is my responsibility to make sure our growing baby is getting all of the nutrients he/she needs to thrive though. I want to focus on eating a lot of fruits and vegetables throughout my pregnancy, as well as quality proteins, healthy fats, and slow digesting carbs. This will not only give me energy throughout my pregnancy and help my baby grow, but it will continue to model for my son how to properly fuel his body to feel energized.

Have you set goals for 2017? Put together not just goals, but steps for getting there. Dream big and plan.

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